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1.8 carat natural citrine.

Natural Citrine

  • Material:

    Chain: 92.5 Sterling Silver

    Pendant: 92.5 Sterling Silver

    Gemstone: Natural Citrine 

  • Citrine infuses vitality into every aspect of existence, purifying the chakras and amplifying intuitive faculties. It draws in abundance, prosperity, and triumph while instilling feelings of joy, fascination, and fervor. Enhancing self-assurance and assertiveness, it fortifies mental acuity and fosters ingenuity, facilitating self-expression and motivation. Citrine also sharpens focus, invigorates mental faculties, and dispels negativity, melancholy, and apprehensions, promoting emotional equilibrium.

    Renowned for its invigorating properties, Citrine serves to replenish and revitalize, countering degenerative ailments and restoring balance to bodily systems. It proves advantageous in managing diabetes, aiding digestion, and supporting the function of the spleen and pancreas. Additionally, it combats urinary tract infections, addresses ocular issues, enhances blood circulation, purifies the blood, activates the thymus gland, and regulates thyroid function. Moreover, it alleviates constipation and diminishes cellulite.

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