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2.55 carat natural emerald.

Natural Emerald

  • Material:

    Chain: 92.5 Sterling Silver

    Pendant: 92.5 Sterling Silver

    Gemstone: 2.55 carat Natural Emerald

  • Emerald, renowned as a stone of vitality, awakens the heart chakra and soothes turbulent emotions, fostering inspiration, equilibrium, sagacity, and forbearance. Believed to foster bonds of friendship, tranquility, and familial harmony, it facilitates the exchange of unconditional affection. Its influence extends to matters of honesty and fidelity, enhancing interpersonal dealings and collaborative ventures.

    Spiritually, emerald bolsters resilience against adversity, infusing despondency with joy, resilience, and renewal. It dispels feelings of confinement and anger, nurturing a sense of well-being and elevating subconscious awareness.

    Specifically identified as E1559 weighing 4.79 carats and sourced from Zambia, this gem augments cognitive and creative faculties, particularly when transparent. It enhances focus and heightens consciousness, dispelling negativity and fostering self-expression and mental equilibrium, propelling individuals towards constructive change.

    Emerald is reputed to bolster physical vitality by combatting free radicals, fortifying cardiac and renal health, and enhancing circulatory and neurological functions.

    When positioned over the third-eye chakra, emerald amplifies psychic receptivity and clairvoyance, serving as a conduit for spiritual insight. Mystics utilize it to access wisdom from higher realms. For optimal effect, emeralds are recommended to be worn close to the heart, on the right arm, or on the little or ring finger.

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