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2 carat peridot necklace

Natural Peridot

  • Material:

    Chain: 92.5 Sterling Silver

    Pendant: 92.5 Sterling Silver

    Gemstone: Natural Peridot 

  • Peridot stands as a potent purifier, liberating and neutralizing toxins across all dimensions. It assuages feelings of envy, animosity, malice, acrimony, vexation, antipathy, and covetousness, while diminishing tension, wrath, and remorse. Opening the heart to jubilance and fresh connections, Peridot fosters self-assurance and assertiveness, propelling individuals towards personal development and transformation. It amplifies mental acuity, fostering receptivity to novel insights, dispelling inertia, indifference, and weariness. Peridot empowers individuals to embrace accountability for their own lives.

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